Woodend Intersection Construction

A consistent history of excellence and innovation characterises the skilled team at New Horizon Construction. As such, we invite you to take an inside look at one of our recent projects: a multi-faceted effort completed for the Macedon Ranges Shire Council, centred around a crucial intersection in Woodend.


Woodend is a vibrant community with a rich history and an ever-growing population. This growth brings various developmental challenges, particularly in terms of transportation and traffic management.

One intersection, in particular, emerged as a critical point of concern, becoming a major bottleneck that negatively impacted residents’ daily lives and strained the town’s transportation network. Naturally, the Council needed a solution – a project that could decrease traffic congestion, improve pedestrian safety and enhance the overall efficiency of the local transport network.

The Macedon Ranges Shire Council approached New Horizon Construction, with its consistent performance in delivering high-quality, innovative solutions, as the chosen partner for this task.


The project’s primary challenge was the simultaneous management of various construction tasks. These tasks weren’t just diverse but also required execution in a functioning traffic environment, thereby increasing their complexity. The work encompassed the construction of a pedestrian raised crossing, the extension of the parking area, and the creation of a refuge island.

In addition, constructing footpaths, implementing Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) standard pram crossings, line marking, signage work, and culvert construction were all part of the comprehensive project.

Each of these tasks demanded careful planning, precise execution, and maintaining safety and environmental regulations. With the intersection being a critical component of Woodend’s transportation infrastructure, getting the job done right was crucial.

Planning and Design

Understanding the complexities of the project, the New Horizon Construction team initiated an in-depth planning phase. Our engineers used cutting-edge software to simulate various traffic flow scenarios, envisioning different intersection designs and evaluating their potential impacts on the current traffic situation. These simulations allowed us to visualise the interaction of different elements in the project and predict potential challenges before they arose.

Our planning process focused on more than just traffic data. It took into account local demographic information, peak traffic patterns, and potential environmental impacts, thereby ensuring a holistic approach to the project design. The objective was to alleviate the current traffic situation and create an infrastructure that could accommodate future growth and maintain optimal traffic flow in the years to come.

The result was a comprehensive plan taking into account every detail, from construction tasks to broader considerations such as traffic management and environmental protection. This robust plan paved the way for a smooth execution phase and set the stage for a transformational project in the heart of Woodend.


Following council approval, we initiated the project. The first task involved the construction of a raised pedestrian crossing. Supervised by our experienced professionals, this was accomplished with minimal disruption to the regular flow of traffic. Following this, we extended the parking area to accommodate more vehicles, contributing to the reduction of congestion.

Next, we constructed a refuge island to provide a safe waiting area for pedestrians. The team then worked on footpath construction, ensuring it met the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) standards, including creating pram crossings. Line marking and signage work were carried out meticulously to ensure clear communication with road users. We also took care of culvert construction, managing the flow of water and preventing potential flooding. Regular quality inspections and safety audits were conducted to guarantee compliance with industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

Outcome and Impact

The project was completed on schedule, yet another significant achievement for New Horizon Construction. The restructured intersection has notably improved the local community’s daily commute, decreasing congestion and enhancing safety measures. 

Feedback from the Macedon Ranges Shire Council and the Woodend community has been highly positive. Residents have applauded the improved traffic conditions and the professionalism demonstrated by the New Horizon team throughout the project.

The success of the Woodend Intersection Project underscores New Horizon Construction’s commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency. Most importantly, we remain focused on each part of complex construction projects while maintaining strong collaborations with councils, regulatory bodies, and the public.


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