Mandalay Parade & City Vista Court Intersection

The experienced, professional team at New Horizon Construction has always set high benchmarks in innovation, safety, and quality. This case study provides an in-depth examination of one of New Horizon Construction’s recent projects for the Melton City Council. The project required the careful and considered design and construction of an intersection at the busy location of Mandalay Parade and City Vista Court in Melton City Council. The upgrade was seen as crucial to optimising local traffic conditions and ensuring greater road safety for all residents and visitors to the town.


The busy city of Melton, just like most areas with an escalating population, faced the growing challenge of managing traffic congestion. This was no more evident that at the intersection of Mandalay Parade and City Vista Court. This significant bottleneck caused extended travel times, adversely affecting the residents’ day-to-day life and the overall efficiency of the city’s transport network.

In addition, it was identified that safety could be improved in the area by creating space for a more streamlined intersection, rather than the existing traffic island that made traffic flow very one-directional.

Having acknowledged New Horizon Construction’s skill in managing intricate civil construction projects, the council entrusted us with this challenging project.


This particular project posed a set of unique challenges. The primary hurdle involved the precise removal of the existing middle island, a delicate operation that demanded significant planning and flawless execution to avoid damaging the surrounding road infrastructure. In addition, maintaining the smooth flow of traffic during the construction phase was an integral requirement. Lastly, the team had to ensure strict adherence to safety regulations and environmental guidelines throughout the project duration, adding an additional layer of complexity to the job.

Planning and Design

New Horizon Construction kicked off the project with a strong and detailed planning phase, using advanced software to design an efficient intersection model and simulate traffic flow scenarios. Our engineers took into account the local demographic data, peak traffic patterns, and potential environmental impacts in their design. They conceived a plan for the careful removal of the existing middle island, focusing on a method that would cause minimal disruption to the existing traffic and surrounding infrastructure. As with any complex project such as this, planning is often the most important phase. Our team’s attention to detail resulted in a comprehensive blueprint, allowing for a smooth execution phase.


With a clear plan in place, New Horizon Construction commenced the project swiftly following council approval. The first objective, removing the existing middle island, was tackled in such a way that caused minimal disruptions to the regular traffic flow. This complex operation was supervised by a team of experienced professionals, who ensured the procedure was conducted with utmost precision. Of course, traffic control measures were also employed to ensure the safety of road users, pedestrians and the New Horizon team.

Once the middle island was successfully removed, the team began re-instating the island with appropriate openings for the new intersection according to the pre-designed blueprint. Despite minor unexpected challenges such as fluctuating weather conditions, the team’s proactive approach ensured the project continued to progress smoothly. Regular quality inspections and safety audits were conducted to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory guidelines. Each milestone was met with a comprehensive review to ensure project goals were being met effectively and efficiently.

Outcome and Impact

The project was successfully completed on schedule, marking yet another milestone for New Horizon Construction. The newly constructed intersection has had a profound impact on the local community, reducing congestion significantly and improving travel times during peak hours. The new design, focusing on improved safety features, has also led to a decrease in traffic-related incidents in the area. Feedback from the Melton City Council and the local community has been overwhelmingly positive, with residents commending the improved road conditions and the professionalism displayed by New Horizon Construction.


The successful delivery of the intersection at Mandalay Parade & City Vista Court stands as a testament to New Horizon Construction’s commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency. This case study clearly demonstrates our capability to navigate intricate construction projects where collaboration with councils, regulatory bodies and the general public are vital.

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