New Horizon Construction is a multiphase civil construction services firm, working towards the betterment of the society, building up a rigid and safer future through their involvement in many aspects of Civil construction services. New Horizon Construction consists a big hardworking,

Our Mission

To provide all ranges of civil construction services using superior quality materials and design and giving the best quality service at a very competitive price being environment friendly.

Our Vision

Building a stronger and safer future through civil construction services.

Step 1

Сontact us in any convenient way to tell about your needs

Step 2

We will listen to all your requirements and offer the best option

Step 3

We will do a construction of object on time according to your requirements

Step 4

Share your opinion about the result, feedback is very important
to us

Our Team

saman profile image

Saman Wijeratne

Saman Wijeratne is the Senior Project Manager at New Horizon Construction, with more than 10 years of Project Management experience in the utilities and civil construction industries, with professional qualifications such as PMBOK and PRINCE II.

Currently Saman is overseeing multiple clients such as Downer, Amey Broadsectrum and maintenance work at Westgate tunnel project.

Vidusha Mendis
Project Engineer - MS.CEIM

Vidusha is a deadline driven, problem solver and a very dedicated detail oriented Civil Project Engineer at NHC. With more than six years of career experience with tier a 1 construction contractor, he is highly adept in project planning and construction management. He brings his experience to NHC by undertaking multi-site management, business development, personnel acquisition and training. He exhibits strong organizational and time management skills.

Mustafa Juzar

With over nine years of experience in civil construction, both abroad and in Australia, Mustafa is a highly motivated and multi-disciplined Civil Engineer. He excels in project management, team leadership, and effective communication, ensuring successful collaboration and project delivery. His work on capital projects for various councils in Victoria demonstrates his strength in problem-solving and applying engineering principles.

Minghi Kim
Site Engineer

Min is a dedicated and skilled Site Engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering from Queensland University of Technology. He is actively involved in overseeing site operations, ensuring projects are executed efficiently and safely. Min excels in coordinating with the project team, managing resources, and maintaining high standards of quality and safety on site. His hands-on approach and strong engineering background make him a valuable asset to our team.


Thisum Dissanayake

With over 10 years of experience in civil construction both abroad and in Australia Thisum is a highly motivated and multi-disciplined Civil Engineer. His expertise in project management team leadership and effective communication ensures successful project delivery. Known for his strong problem-solving skills and ability to apply engineering principles Thisum has made significant contributions to capital projects for various councils in Victoria.


senior site supervisor

Michael is a highly experienced Site Supervisor at New Horizon Construction, bringing over 26 years of expertise in bulk earthworks, drainage, and asphalting. Known for his exceptional project management skills, he excels in coordinating subcontractors, maintaining high HSE standards, and delivering effective site management. Michael’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence make him an integral part of our team, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards and on schedule. His leadership and dedication significantly contribute to the success and reputation of New Horizon Construction.

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Carmelina Tarallo
Administration and Accounts Officer

Carmelina is an integral part of our team, specializing in administrative and financial operations. She ensures accurate invoice processing, maintains financial records, and assists with budget preparation. Carmelina's strong organizational skills and attention to detail enhance overall productivity and financial accuracy, making her a valuable asset to our team.

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Sandy Fernando
Contract Asset Manager

Working across all projects, ensuring all contracts, transactions and correspondence with stakeholders are meticulously maintained to a high standard.
Sandy's background in administration HR and accounts, enables her proficiency as NHC's Contract Asset Manager.
Sandy provides thorough insight and anaysis into all ongoing NHC projects.


Sanduni Thilakasiri

Sanduni is a dedicated Project Coordinator with strong attention to detail effective communication skills and excellent organizational abilities. She also assists with accounts and administrative tasks ensuring smooth project operations. Her passion and eagerness to learn contribute significantly to the team's success. Sanduni's proactive approach and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable member of our team.