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Chelsea Heights Shared User Path Reconstruction Project

The City of Kingston, a bustling hub in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, is home to urban structures, coastal beauty and lush parklands. The Chelsea Heights Shared User Path, often frequented by residents and tourists alike, had seen better days, which is where New Horizons Construction comes in. Having already built a strong reputation for innovative civil construction works, we were sought out to handle this critical project.

This reconstruction project was not just about infrastructure but an opportunity to improve accessibility and integrate a modern look and feel into a beautiful, natural part of the town.

Project Overview

The primary aim of the Chelsea Heights Shared User Path Reconstruction project was to transform an aging footpath into an attractive, coloured path. But beyond aesthetics and functionality, it needed to encapsulate the town’s spirit, being vibrant, welcoming, and modern while maintaining an attractive natural charm.

The renewed path was planned to increase safety, improve the area’s visual appeal, and also drive a sense of community pride. In addition, it was seen as an essential project to enhance local tourism, offering visitors a refreshing experience as they strolled, jogged, or cycled along the pathway, taking in the beauty of the local reserve.

Overall, improved visibility, safety and functionality were this project’s major goals.


One of the first challenges to deal with was difficulty accessing the area. With its natural beauty and ecological importance, the Chelsea Heights reserve created significant logistical challenges. Without direct main road access, transporting the necessary heavy machinery and construction materials became a complex puzzle that required out-of-the-box thinking and careful planning.

In addition, working in proximity to Wells Road, a major roadway overseen by VicRoads, meant adhering to strict safety and operational guidelines. This wasn’t just about sticking to a few rules but instead maintaining constant contact with VicRoads to ensure our work didn’t disrupt the road’s typical traffic flow.

Planning and Design

Planning and design are crucial to any construction project. Considering the access challenges, planning became even more important. Our project team used a multi-faceted strategy here, such as employing specialised vehicles adapted for such terrains. Construction schedules were carefully drafted to align with times when the reserve experienced minimal footfall, ensuring minimal disruption to locals and wildlife.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, we knew that this path would be more than just a structure. Rather, it needed to be visually appealing, colourful, clearly marked and also stay in line with modern design standards in the area. As such, we ensured that the pathway’s original curves remained undisturbed, taking into consideration the natural contours of the reserve.

Finally, environmental planning was particularly important because the project affected a natural reserve. As such, all works were planned with minimal disruption to local wildlife and vegetation.


The project commenced using cutting-edge construction techniques, seasoned expertise, and a sound understanding of the local terrain and ecology. Using efficient processes and sticking to our carefully planned schedule, we completed the project ahead of schedule. Aside from a few minor weather concerns, the project went ahead as planned.

Completing this work ahead of schedule meant the new shared pathway could be enjoyed by the public sooner, and the City of Kingston had no budget concerns or extra costs. Once again, our team exceeded even our own lofty expectations to deliver ahead of time and under budget.


Once completed, the Chelsea Heights Shared User Path project was on display for all residents to see. The path now provides greater safety for all users, and accessibility has been improved. The City of Kingston’s council members were ecstatic with the blend of functionality, design and visual appeal. In addition, the fact that we completed this project ahead of time has made it somewhat of a blueprint for future civil works in the region.


The Chelsea Heights Shared User Path Reconstruction isn’t just another project in our long line of successes. It really showcases what can be achieved when community aspirations, innovative planning, and skilled construction experts combine. This reconstructed path provides better usability and improved safety and offers residents of the local area a better way to enjoy the natural surroundings of the reserve.

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