Bicycle Path Construction

Lacy Street & Cranwell Reserve Bicycle Path Construction

Maribyrnong City Council is a unique part of Victoria that combines a beautiful history with the modern needs of a growing population. As cities in the area expand, so too does the need for sustainable transport solutions. New Horizon Construction was tasked with constructing the Lacy Street and Cranwell Reserve Bicycle Path. Rather than being just a standard construction job, this task needed to ensure better safety and accessibility for Maribyrnong’s cyclists.

Project Overview

With its diverse and growing population, the City of Maribyrnong needed a significant enhancement to connect a new bicycle path to existing infrastructure. With increased bicycle use in the area, Maribyrnong City Council needed to provide a safe cycling pathway that made its way through the city. Of course, there was a major focus on providing cyclists with a safer route between connected communities and sustainability. Commuting by bicycle is far better for the environment, and the council was keen to encourage this practice with better infrastructure. New Horizon Construction happily took this challenge on, knowing with our expertise and project management approach, we could improve the lives of all Maribyrnong citizens.


An infrastructure project this large will always have its fair share of challenges, but it was nothing our team couldn’t handle. Lacy Street is an arterial road, meaning the road closures required for speed hump construction were an ongoing issue to manage. The heritage sanctity of Cranwell Reserve, with its protected artefacts, required extra care from an environmental standpoint.

Underground services, including a high-pressure gas line and the crucial NBN infrastructure, also posed significant risks during excavation. In addition, the local region is busy, with bus stops to work around, and generally attempting to cause as little disruption to local residents as possible. Topping it all, tapping into pulsating stormwater pipes demanded unparalleled precision.

Planning and Design

New Horizon Construction adopted a collaborative approach for this project, liaising with local businesses, heritage advisors, and utility service providers. Road closures and detours were required, so this needed to be considered when planning the work. Most of these closures were planned outside of peak hours, ensuring as little impact on traffic flow as possible.

Securing the necessary permits to work was also a big part of the planning, as these needed to be in place before work could commence. Each step of the design process prioritised safety, efficiency, and minimal impact on the local area, both functionally and environmentally. By combining modern design practices with the council’s sustainability vision, the bike path design became a blend of usability and aesthetics.


Modern construction techniques merged with traditional respect for the land, ensuring the protection of local heritage areas. Every excavation near live services was conducted under expert supervision, ensuring safety and precision. Local businesses and community hubs were constantly kept in the loop. Overall, thanks to effective planning, we completed this work to the highest standard, and the results speak for themselves.


Upon completion, the bicycle path is a testament to Maribyrnong’s commitment to sustainable urban development. Cyclists now have a safer, more aesthetically pleasing route to commute on, and the connectivity with local communities makes the path accessible for more residents. The prioritisation of green transport initiatives has also been a great victory for Maribyrnong City Council, and the team at New Horizon Construction is proud of another successful civil works project that has improved the lives of local residents.

Lacy Street and Cranwell Reserve
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